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Add to the history of the Pace House and Old Pavilion. Both buildings are connected to a spacious open deck area and feature a versatile reception area, making it the perfect venue for your special event.


Preserve Our History

Help us preserve the historic spirit and structures of Vinings, educate the public about local history, engage in community preservation activities, and forge long-lasting relationships with the local residents and stakeholders.

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It Was A Perfect Setting

Wrapped in nineteenth century charm in the delightful village of Vinings, with its two historic gems, The Pace House and The Old Pavilion, provide the perfect setting for today’s bride and groom.

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Keeping Pace

Keeping Pace sign

I hope you have seen the KEEPING PACE Banner in front of our offices at The Yarbrough House.
I am sure you have noticed the significant repairs we have made to The Yarbrough House.


Pace House Repair 2

The paint was delaminating on the building. It was lead based paint that had to be remediated. An involved process.

Metamorphosis Construction, Normand Girard, did a fantastic job!






 Pace House Repair 3The chimney had pulled away from the building, allowing moisture to penetrate the structure. The repair required the removal of the top half of the chimney and reconstruction.

Normand went above and beyond and found vintage brick which matched our chimney!





The fence was also repaired and painted. Still on our list is a new roof. We had a leak earlier in the year and we were able to patch it...but for how long? Who knows!


Our other two properties, The Pace House and The Pavilion are also in need of significant repair, not the least of which is the crumbling foundation on The Pace House. It is a ticking time bomb. We need to get it reinforced sooner rather than later!

We need to invest in our historic jewels to ensure they remain viable parts of our community.
The community and our members have been very supportive of our efforts over the years, but it is time to step it up a notch. These invaluable properties in our community require specialized attention to maintain their historic value and remain included in the national registry of historic sites.

We are launching KEEPING PACE! , a capital campaign. Our goal is to raise $250,000 over the next year.

The KEEPING PACE! Campaign will officially launch with our KEEPING PACE – ALL ABOARD ! Gala on November 10th at 7PM. Attendees at the Gala will be named as "Founding Patrons" of the campaign.

We will provide a calendar of upcoming Keeping Pace events that are designed to assist in garnering widespread support and opportunities to contribute across the Vinings community. We are hopeful that you will invite friends and neighbors to join the Vinings Historic Preservation Society and encourage them to attend these events.

We appreciate your continued support !


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