About VHPS

The Vinings Historic Preservation Society (VHPS) was established by a great-great-granddaughter of early Vinings settler Hardy Pace. After her death in 1992, Ruth Carter Vanneman's will created the charitable organization to preserve historic Vinings properties. She also bequeathed the not-for-profit the beloved Pace House (c. 1865-1874).

In the following years, VHPS acquired and also restored — with generous assistance from the Vinings community — the Old Pavilion (1874) and Yarbrough House (1880).

We are passionate about these three properties entrusted to our care. We believe they represent the heart of Vinings and help to define our village as a very special place.

Preserving historic buildings isn’t cheap, though. Vinings Historic Preservation Society has no endowments, but depends on money from memberships, fundraising events, venue rentals and donations.

We also rely on talented and hard-working volunteers, and the support of Vinings residents and businesses.

If you shudder at the thought of a gas station or office building at the intersection of Paces Ferry and Paces Mill – instead of the white-picket-fenced historic Yarbrough House – join us!  There are many ways that you can contribute.